Award winning teddy bears 2021

This year 2021 we didn’t have many shows and or award contests for our collectible teddys due to the pandemic.
URSA is an online show where people  vote for their favorite in each class through their mobile devices or PC’s
so this makes it easy to join.

I was lucky enough to be voted in the first round with three of my creations to go to the final voting.

My most favorite myself was Ammatolia a fantasy creature, she was lucky enough to end as third in her class wish gave me a lovely roset.

Then I had  Mummy always love you in the class for “friends”  this couple was made to symbolize the sadness and love a mother has when her baby grows wings.
They ended like Ammatolia on a well-deserved third place.

And final but not least my chocolate labrador puppy Luca who was lucky enough to be the winner of his class and received the first prize.

Labrador Puppy

Waiting till you receive the prices always seems to be endless special when there are added a few extra gifts, like a URSA pin, a  pen i really love with the pink gold and the soft top to use with my mobile, cute boot buttons eyes was gifted, they always come handy, and a certificate.

This all was possible thanks to the “Bears and Buds website” they are well organized with a lot of info for buyers and sellers, regular shows where you can buy and sell your creations, a lovely website to visit and read. simply click on the picture below to see.