Creating a kitty cat named Gerinjo

Handmade Cat

Sometimes you find a piece of fur that is asking you to create a special specimen, this time I was thinking it would be fantastic if I could create a kitten of it, a luxury real feeling faux fur was waiting for a long time till I finally decided to try , I had no idea how this would end it could fail it could be a success.

handpainted eye

I started with painting some beautiful blue eyes in different sizes and was hoping they would fit nice with the fur and shape of the head.

I used lovely cashmere fabric for the inner ears and pads in a perfect color match.

Once the head was sewn and I placed the eyes in the head I started to smile , wow….this Looks amazing, I new it was only a start and I had planned to add more to get details in the eyes but I couldn’t resist to add the first picture of my work in progress on my facebook page (Bearcrafty)


Head picture 1

As soon this picture was placed I had some lovely comments on her and by suprice a friend from my childhood did send me a message and told me she wanted this cat when it was ready means she was reserved from that moment and made me more nervous could I make her as perfect as I had in mind or would she fail.

I started to finish and seal her nose and added detail to her eyes to give her a more realistic cat eye ( see picture 2)



Head picture 2

I roughly scissor sculpted her cheeks to get more shape in the head and she only made me more happy on that moment I new a cat was born.

Now we had to sew the body and I was praying it would fit nice with the head. I added wire in the tail to make it easier posable , the tail and belly where made from a creme faux fur , when I jointed the head on the body it was time to stuff the body. She is stuffed with polyfil and plastic pallets, I must admitĀ  had to take the stuffing out 3x on the limbs it didn’t fill right , the pallets where all static and did stick to my hands , there where as much pallets on the floor as in the cat but she got shaped nice .

See her from the back and it looks like I have a real cat sitting there. I made her a alcantare dark red collar with studs a fast closer and a little silver heart . The new owner told me already she didn’t wanted a bow , preferred nothing , but I needed something to add my tags on and this way she could remove it easy and it did look fantastic on her. I made pictures from all sides and did show her to the new owner asking if she still was fine with it , and yes she was very pleased with the result.

The Kitten was named Gerinjo, this name has a special meaning because its a mix of 3 names with a part of my name included to make it even more special.

She will be a one of a kind, more cats will follow but not with same fur used.

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