• Why choose a BearCrafty Memory-Keepsake Bear?
    BearCrafty create award winning teddybears and the bears are Unique in design ,I do not create toy’s,
    I create memory bears as i create a artist bear wish wil make you proud to look at,
    I make my own patterns and pay alot attention to details to create your perfect memory from cherished clothings.
    Years of sewing experiance and creative with hand and mind i bring you a fantastic bear that can make you smile and wil be cherished for ever.
  • Can these keepsakes be used as toys?
    NO, all my Bears  are Decorative Keepsakes only. They are NOT designed or intended for use as a toy for children of any age. Given the nature of the fabrics and buttons used to make these items they have not been tested and therefore do not conform to any safety standards or guidelines in place for children’s toys. BearCrafty does not accept any liability for the misuse of these Memory Keepsakes bears
  • What types of garments can be used?
    Keepsakes can be made from almost any type of fabric, therefore most garments are suitable, such as Shirts/Blouses, Trousers/Jeans, PJ’s, Housecoats, T-shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Jackets and fine knit Jumpers but to name a few.  The only exception I have come across thus far is medium to chunky knit and very dedicated fabrics they need more attention and more handwork, thats why its better you always contact me first to ask if there is any doubt , im sure we can  get something sorted.
    And its not just garments, Keepsakes can be made from other items such as blankets, covers, pillow/cushion cases etc.
  • How many garments are needed?
    That depends on you, I you want a patchwork bear you need more garments, i prefer 1 color for the main bear and 1 matching color for the pads and ears and sometimes the gusset.
    Soon i see the fabrics i start thinking on the design.If you wish you can get a fully multicolored bear made from 7 or 8 garments
    Its depend on the  size of the clothing and short or long sleeved , 90% of my bears can be made from 1 long sleeved shirt/sweather if it has not to much zippers and pockets
    If you do not have enough fabric within your garments, for a small charge, I can add my own fabrics as required. e.g. for the paws, feet and inside ears. Or you can even choose for a fur bear mixet with some garments ,for baby clothes we can do  with:
    8-9 items of small baby clothing (size 3-6 months)
    4-5 items of large baby clothing (size 6-12 months)
    2-3 items of toddler or adult clothing (depending on sizes, adding more items often gives a little more interest)
  • What is the Turnaround time for an item to be made?
    I would suggest a minimum of a two weeks notice if you require an item for a specific date. If you do not need your item for a specific date, then I aim to have your item ready for collection/delivery within 2-4 weeks of you placing your order. If there is high demand at the time of you placing your order, I would notify you of a potential delay and give you a realistic completion date. I will alway contact you, if for any reason there will be a further delay, or to confirm I am starting your order and finally when your order is complete
  • What other materials go into making the Memory Bears?
    I use  glass eyes and cotterpin joints , noses is depend how i see the creation , it can be embroidery , a safety nose, a nose made from fabric or a felt nose.
    As filling i use High Grade 100% Polyester Hollowfibre stuffing. I ad decoration material like buttons from the garment or ad a  satin/organsa ribbon bow
    Birthweight bears be particial filled with steal shot , a luxery pallet filling can be arranged if need or wanted.
  • Can my item be personalised?
    Yes each bear can be personalised with names, dates  as embroidery or in  the swingtag , even a small special quote or picture is optional.
    This needs to be specified and confirmed during your initial order consultation.
  • What are the Sizes of your main items?
    My memory Bears are 12″ high when seated, 16 inch from toe til ear.
    its optional to get a bigger bear.
    Sometimes its possible to  make few smaler bears or mini bears if prefered. Please ask up in front
  • Can i say how i want my bear wil look when its ready ?
    No I cant say how the bear wil be excact. Each bear I make has a unique look , but yours might look fatter or thinner. It all depends on the type of fabric being used. Some fabrics stretch more than others. So some bears might have bigger bellies or bigger heads, etc. all embroidery and fabric noses are diffrent. If you are looking for a rounder face, you would have to be sure your fabric is more stretchy like fleece or knitwear, and you can always let me know what style you like most and we work with that info where possible.
  • Do you add appliques and embroiderys whats in the clothing back in the bear?
    I will incorporate as much of these things as I can when prefered,  however I feel it will look best or how they fit in my pattern. Sometimes, you want these things in certain places. If so, you need to say that in the additional comments on the order form. Sometimes the applique or design is just too big for the bear, sometimes it would be enough to upgrade to a bigger bear but i wil always contact you for that.
  • What if things need to be upgraded/added AFTER you receive my clothing and I decide to cancel my order, do you refund my money?
    Yes, I will be glad to refund your money, less the shipping costs of returning your clothing. However, once I start your order, and i wil give you a time scale when i start with your bear,
    I cannot refund your money, as what you have ordered is custom made. I want everyone to be happy with what they get, so if there is a problem, I will want to know and will work at making you satisfied.
  • How do I know whether I have enough material to make a bear?
    Sometimes I can tell you by your description and the size of clothing you want to use. and sometimes, it’s hard to say as clothing can contain pockets , long or short sleeves, zippers, screen prints etc. I do try to use as much as possible into the bear. When I can’t make the bear completely, I wil ad a similar colored fabric for contrasting parts.
  • How do I order if im not my clothing is enough?
    Always contact me first, and if you are not sure whats possible than you can send me the garments and we discuss the possibiltys when they are arrived
  • When do i pay?
    Payments/Deposits must be done before i start working on  your bear, soon you place your order unless we did agree diffrent
  • Where are you situated and can i collect my bear?
    I make the bears In Grimsby , Lincolnshire , UK and yes  we can always make appointment to bring and or collect the bear(s) and clothing.
  • Can i get discount?
    Prices are firm.   I do not offer volume discounts for large orders.  Each Bear or any other keepsake is
    handled with the the most care when designing, cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing.
    Recognizing that they become family heirlooms, I believe they are worth the time, care, attention to detail, and yes, cost.