Not all monsters are ugly or scary

Bearcrafty monster family

Once and a while I feel the need to create those creatures. Creatures who grow in my mind and then after weeks they finally see the daylight. This fur was  perfect to make a new family, I had made one before from this Fabric …Read More

Handcrafted Life like dogs

I had a few times the request to make a teddy bear looking like a dog. Creating a lovely memory of people’s best friends when they pass the Rainbow Bridge is so special, they leave such an emptiness behind, holding a teddy can give …Read More

Award winning teddy bears 2019

2019 was a great year for me, entering an award contest for your handmade artist bears is a challenge in more ways and the most important one is which bears you add and in what class they would fit best, you never know how …Read More

The story of Mandara

We know about what’s at the end of the rainbow, many stories have been told, but do you know what is at the beginning? It’s where Paradise can be found and who would not want te be in this place of exceptional beauty, happiness …Read More

Nartica Fantasy artist collectors bear

Fantasy artist collectors bears I HAVE A SECRET TO SHARE WITH YOU !!! Do you know that the most Beautiful Pearls do not come from the Ocean? They come from Nartica who has been seen only once! She hides out in de deepest of …Read More


The  Ebearshow is an online show for handmade one of a kind bears, dolls, and critters on sale four times a year in February, May, August, and November This August it will be the third time that I participate in this show. The schedule …Read More

Plug Monster

 Have you ever heard about The Plug monster? A while ago I was contacted with the question if I could create a monster from a drawing, I received a lovely illustration from a cute blue fluffy monster which made me smile from ear to …Read More

Wel dressed Collectors bear Brumm

Brumm was special designed for the online Ebearshow theme “Dapper and Dainty” wish is running from 24 til 28 May 2018, i made his outfit from gold brocade with lace and purple velvet is used for his tailcot, Faux leather in his pads and …Read More