Award winning teddybears and friends 2018

This year i have entered for the first time “The Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards 2018” and i was thrilled to see a email arriving in my mailbox wich notifyed me that my creation Nartica was choosen bij the judges and won a award I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Category Entry Score Position Score Range Other Soft Sculptures Nartica 94% Top 3 76% – 99%
Other Soft Sculptures Diablo 87% 7th 76% – 99%

Congratulations on winning a Judges Choice Award with your entry “Nartica”.

Now with winning the judges award she was showcased on the website with 2 other bears in her class  and it was to the public to vote on the bear they did like most…..i cant thank you enough for all  who voted for Nartica, it means so much for me , and you voted  with such a big amout that she won with 53%  in her group , i  was speechless and im so proud and thankfull for your support .


Before i was lucky enough already to  win 2 bristol award certificate  at the teddybear show in Wobburn with Doughy and and my Unicobear  in the novice class  and i won 3x in the Ebearshow.

A first time i enter a award contest and no idea in what class to add my  bears , think thats a learning course on his own already but i think most important thing is that love and enjoy making the bears is and must stay the main thing.




Unicorn teddy bear
Doughy Bristol award 2018 Excellent UnicoBear Bristol award
Highly recommended 2018


Than i had three times a creation choosen by the public  in a onlineTeddy bear show as a winner.

Aneis Brumm Luna


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