The story of Mandara

We know about what’s at the end of the rainbow, many stories have been told, but do you know what is at the beginning?

It’s where Paradise can be found and who would not want te be in this place of exceptional beauty, happiness and color delight.
It’s where Mandara and her most beautiful and colorful animal friends have been living ever since the first sunbeams of light brightened up this earth.
The bright colorful sparkles of light we see when looking at the rainbow is a reflection caused by the exquisite necklace Mandara has beautifully draped around her neck.
All sunlight will disappear so rainbows won’t appear if ever the necklace would be taken from Mandara. So when you experience that beam of light that makes you squint your eyes it’s because Mandara is there but is not allowed to be seen so no one ever can take the necklace and the sunshine away. I introduce you…. “Mandara”.


This little story came to life with the help from my sister Jacqueline Bitting I’m so greatfull she is always there to help me out , when the distance between is to far for a cup coffee I’m very happy we have internet connections , thank you for your input xxx