Country Bears

My new line Artist collector Bear made from high quality wool fabrics.

Genuine Harris Tweed and wool felt and mohair or other high quality fabrics.

I came to this design after i had to make a memory bear from a wool jacket and i fell in love with them immediately and i thought it would be nice to make a collection of them, We have so many great weavers in the UK and they add more and more colors and patterns to the collection that its almost impossible to choose wish i want make first.

The pattern i use for those bears i use for the memory bears and again this design gives me fully satisfaction.

The bears i can make in different ways, undressed, waist coats, scarfs, bow-ties, caps etc etc but again how more i add to them how higher the price will be. The first bear was made with the use of vintage buttons as eyes, first i was a bit worry for that but i saw soon that it was a great choice of the customer. The second bear i made with the original leather button eye with ultra suede eye white and i think that fits the style of the bear to.

More bears wil come in future and i want to give them all English names and here is my first make “HARRY” and im in love with him 🙂

Harry is made from genuine Harris tweed Haring bone in the color brown , his waistcoat , ears and pads are made from 100% wool felt, and his scarf is knitted with alpace blend wool, Harry wears his tweed label on his upper arm with proud.

Eddy is made from Greenish doggtooth Genuine harris tweed , his pads, decoration stripes and ears are made from Suede, Eddie is wearing a wool fabric cap both bears are 16 inch  and available for adoption for 75,00 GBP +PP

Harris tweed teddy bear
Harry a teddybear made from Genuine Harris tweed
Eddie made from genuine green dogtooth Harris tweed