Memory Bags and keepsake tote bags

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See the fabulous memories you carry with you every day through those beautiful memory bags made from your special clothing.

Tote bags are made entirely from your clothing in patchwork designs with wadding and lining added for stability. You can also choose parts and applique designs from fabric pieces on the tote bags optionally with personalised embroidery details like names and dates or short poems.

Or why not choose one of our sentimental designs? These will be created in a few days, or if you would like more specific we can embroider your own poem. Everything is possible.

When you would like to gift a bag but do not have access to clothing it is always possible to buy a gift certificate.

Floss pink mohair handmade teddybear

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13-inch teddy bear made from hand-dyed Steiff Mohair fabric combined with the pale Hembold Mohair, he/she has black English eyes, her/his nose is embroidered, she/he is 5-way cotter pin jointed, and wool felt pads with embroidery roses, she/he is stuffed with heavyweight stuffing and has steel balls in her belly for a comfortable extra weight

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