Who makes the best memory and keepsake bears ?

Bearcrafty is number one ūüôā they make the most charming bears! Obviously, no one can tell you who makes the best bear. It simply comes down to what you look for in your bear and what you consider the best. Do you want a …Read More



Keyring and handbag charms

Keyrings, keyfobs and handbag charms we all love them. Those are even more special when made to cherish a memory. This could be a piece of clothing from your beloved one who sadly passed away or a piece of clothing you cherish. Or just …Read More

Memory Bags and keepsake tote bags

New in our collection! See the fabulous memories you carry with you every day through those beautiful memory bags made from your special clothing. Tote bags are made entirely from your clothing in patchwork designs with wadding and lining added for stability. You can …Read More

Puzzle fun 2

BearCrafty Puzzle Puzzlefun 2 Click here for a download and printable PDF file¬† E M B R O I D E R Y M R I A H O M K M S E L D E E N W C O T T …Read More

Color your Teddy Bear

This is a great place to see how colours blend together when designing your own teddy or when you just want to play around and see what happens.simply select the fill or brush, undo, redo and reset to start over buttons on top and …Read More

URSA Award winners 2020

This year is a¬† strange year for all of us with¬† COVID threats, worrying for our health and those we love. Teddybear shows got canceled who would usually have an Award contest but I managed to enter one, the show from bears and buds …Read More

Puzzle fun

I Created for you a nice word search puzzle with words we all know from teddy bearmaking to chill out in the hollydays, weekends or just because you are a puzzle fanatic,¬†you can simple play online and search¬† the words or when you prefer …Read More

Futered work

teddy with book

I have been so lucky to have my work featured¬† in¬† some wonderful Teddy bear magazines . These magazines do an amazing job of showcasing the talent of the artist bear maker and teddybear maker industry alover the world. It‚Äôs such an honour to …Read More

Teddy bear poems

This week I found this lovely poem about a teddy bear on Facebook wish I wanted to share with you. The writer gave me all permission to share it and it brought me some founded memories about a website I hosted years ago with …Read More