Memory Bags and keepsake tote bags

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See the fabulous memories you carry with you every day through those beautiful memory bags made from your special clothing.

Tote bags are made entirely from your clothing in patchwork designs with wadding and lining added for stability. You can also choose parts and applique designs from fabric pieces on the tote bags optionally with personalised embroidery details like names and dates or short poems.

Or why not choose one of our sentimental designs? These will be created in a few days, or if you would like more specific we can embroider your own poem. Everything is possible.

When you would like to gift a bag but do not have access to clothing it is always possible to buy a gift certificate.

Keepsake bear Birth-weighted made from baby clothing

Bear made to the birthweight of your baby
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Personalized 16-inch Teddy Bear made to your baby's birthweight with standard black eyes and decorations of your choice, such as a bowtie, satin ribbon, or scarf.

These Teddys can become extremely heavy and need to be handled with care and support while picking them up to avoid strain on the seams and joints.

In general, we need 9-12 pieces of babygrows; the more we have, the better the design we will be able to produce.
Standard, each pattern piece is made from one clothing piece; we also have detailed patchwork options if fewer or smaller clothing pieces are needed or if you prefer this style more.

The purpose of this is to provide you with some information about other upgrades which can sometimes be obtained free of charge.

Depending on the weight of the parcel, shipping can range from 1-2 kilograms for one teddy and starts at £7
We only send full coverage, first-class is only available for orders below £100, and 2 x 16-inch teddy bears can be combined with special delivery.

I would appreciate it if you would contact me first, rather than paying anything.

Please remind they are decorative only.

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