Memory blanket and keepsake quilts

A memory blanket/quilt is made from loved ones’ clothes
A keepsake blanket/quilt is made from mostly baby clothing or garment with a special meaning like sports tops, school clothing etc

They can be made from band t-shirts or blouses you saved for years or loved ones’ clothes you kept when someone passed away.
Made in various ways and styles, often based on the chosen clothing.
The finished patchwork can be made with or without batting and with wide, small or no edging.

Embroidery, appliques, it all can be added to create your own custom blankets/quilts

I had the honour of creating a keepsake quilt in a size that I thought would be too much for me. This was a single bed 120×165 but I loved the challenge.

As you know my studio is set up for bear making and I don’t have an extensive cutting table or sewing space available. Therefore, the smaller lab blankets would suit me better.

Once the clothing arrived, I moved downstairs and used my kitchen table to cut and sew.

The cost of those projects can become high. There is a difference between just sewing a simple bag style or adding wadding and piercing to the quilts/blankets

The example we show here had premium dimple fleece-style backing and good-quality batting.
The edge was finished off with double cotton binding.

Embroidery was a customised design we had digitised. An applique name was added above the embryo embroidery.

We decided to go for a block style and realised we wouldn’t have enough clothing to create the desired size quilt, most clothing was personalised and we wanted to keep the name in, we ended up making smaller blocks and strips for the final end size block, more patchwork to sew that moment not calculated in the total cost.

When you would like to order your own blanket or quilt it’s best to contact us to discuss options and possibilities.
Prices variate from £75 to £375 the single bed is the maximum size we can offer at the moment.

Standard (90cm x 105cm) – 20/42 squares. We suggest you send at least 10/21 baby grows, or 5/10 items of adult clothing.
Large (105cm x 120cm) – 30/56 squares. We suggest you send at least 15 baby grows, or 6/12 items of adult clothing.
Single bed (120cm x 165cm) – 54/88 squares. We suggest you send at least 27 baby grows, or 10/20 items of adult clothing.
This variate with if wide borders are desired or small edging, how more we have how much better, we tempt to get 2 blocks out a baby grow using the front and the back and if desired we can use the plane fabrics to create multicoloured blocks, variation in clothing with wide or small edge