Plug Monster

 Have you ever heard abouth The Plug monster ?

A while ago i was contacted with the question if i could create a monster from a drawing,
I received a lovely illustration from a cute blue fluffy monster which made me smile from ear to ear.

This Plug Monster plays the main roll in a children book written and illustrated by Amber Pernell and she would like to have a Plug monster created to travel with her and on special events where she can promote her book and where the children and parents can see and touch the monster.

I didnt need to think  long and toke this commission with pleasure, late night in bed i was creating this monster in mind already. We decided to choose a lovely 2 colored Blue-purple tipped fur to create him.

First i created a trial pattern to see his size and where to  add the mouth ,the rest did follow up automatic while i was working with  him and i can say I was falling in love with him , how can you resist those lovely blue eyes and that mega smile .

Mr Glug was born and became a physical plug monster beloved by child and adults.

Mr Glug is special created for Amber and her book and he is a OOAK creation in the way he is now, there won’t be more identical monsters  he is the one and only Original Plug monster.

I made a little complication from my work to show you how he came to  life and i hope you love him as much  as i do 🙂

The Plug monster is a delightful rhyming story about a boy who is scared of the noises down the plug hole at bath time.
A lovely book to use as bedtime story or for the children who can read  themselves . the book is available through different sources  i will past here a few links in case you would love to  buy the book  for your (grand)Kids and its only £6,99

Available here:




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