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Regular i get requests from people who ask me what pattern i use and if i want share or sell it,
I am proud when i get 1.5 k likes on Facebook, but i worked for a long time to get my bears how they are now,
redo my patterns over and over, sew a bear up to see how the head looks now after i altered again.
I make my own patterns and  i must keep this pattern for my own  BearCrafty bears.
As you wil understand they are my own copyright.”
What people not realising is that even if they would have the pattern it not means they can make the same bear
Creating a bear is more as get the right pattern, you can give 10 people the same pattern and it wil give 10 different bears.
Creating a bear means passion, skills, creativity and time, my bears can not be created in  2 hours, sometimes i work 3 days on a memory bear ( and weeks on a OOAK furry friend),
putt it on the shelf to give it a rest because i feel something is missing and i don’t no what, create 3, 4, or 5 different decorations to see wish is nicest on that one special bear, a bow that looks stunning on  one bear, can look silly on another bear.
For those who would love to try to make them own  bear i will add here some links to websites that give you a free  pattern and a tutorial and give it a go it need practice , practice and practice, don’t try to hide your mistakes but redo them, pay special attention on the gusset and the paw pads on the foot, sew them without stitching folds , try to match the fabric patterns , and use a nice ladder stitch to try to  close the seems invisible, good luck 🙂
Just remind i only give you website links where you can get the patterns Im not responsable for the content and please bear in mind some patterns are for private use only, when you want to make and sell bears please check and or buy your license  for it ,you want generate some extra income  for yourself  so dose Joy and many others .

Top 20 free teddy bear patterns :

How joyfull sweet teddy bear pattern  plus instructions i like this one the most :

Teddy bear tutorial and pattern:

A very basic pattern to make a small teddy bear

How to make a memory bear from hidden treasures:

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