the Toby award

Here you can find Award we won over the years for our designs , chosen by professional judges and the public e.a collector, chosen by you as your winning artist.   This year I entered for the first time “The Excellence in Bear Artistry …Read More

Handcrafted Life like dogs

I had a few times the request to make a teddy bear looking like a dog. Creating a lovely memory of people’s best friends when they pass the Rainbow Bridge is so special, they leave such an emptiness behind, holding a teddy can give …Read More

Patchwork applique Teddy bear


Today I would like to share some bears who are made totally different. Sometimes you get those orders and you don’t know what the customer has in mind or expect to get. This was one of them and I’m very grateful she gave me …Read More

Work in progress

Memory bear make in progress. On request i made some pictures while i was working on a memory bear to make a collage and i thought  i share them with you, it gives you a small inside in the make off a memorybear from …Read More

Free Patterns to download

Free sewing patterns Regular i get requests from people who ask me what pattern i use and if i want share or sell it, I am proud when i get 1.5 k likes on Facebook, but i worked for a long time to get …Read More

Heirloom bears made from your wedding gown

How great is it to convert your most precious memory in to a lovely keep sake bear? would you dare? I had the request and chance to remake the most beautiful gown I had ever seen in my life into an amazing keep sake …Read More