Keyring and handbag charms

Keyrings, keyfobs and handbag charms
we all love them.

Those are even more special when made to cherish a memory. This could be a piece of clothing from your beloved one who sadly passed away or a piece of clothing you cherish.
Or just made from brand-new fabric just because you like them.

You can hang them everywhere, on your handbag, in your car, in your home or as a Christmas ornament. You can simply hang them anywhere you would like to see them.

Bearcrafty’s designs are unique. They are lovely soft stuffed hearts and or firm teddys made from our logo design. You can choose a shape you would like to see like a fish or a car or a simple round shape or a heart with a name embroidered.

Choose a silver or gold metal colour hardware and add charms as you like, feathers, angels, tassels, and a little bell usual three charms give the best result.

order them with your memory/keepsake bear and if you want to gift them we can pack them in a lovely gift box for you.

Glasses for Memorybears, Keepsakebears and Dolls

Teddybear glasses
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Product Details

These glasses are made especially for our memory and keepsake bears and will be custom-made in your desired size and colour.

They have no glass or lens attached (bears don't need them 🙂 and come in two sizing options. 11 and 13cm. They will look different on different styles of bears.

Since these glasses are all handmade on order they can have a slight difference in size, please allow around 0.5 cm in size difference and colours can look different on your screen.

The glasses are made from PLA this is Polylactic Acid (PLA): The Environmentally Responsible Plastic. PLA is the talk of the sustainable packaging town. And for good reason, it's a bioplastic made from renewable, plant-based materials like corn, cassava and sugarcane.

You can shape them if prefered at your own risk with some heat source like a heat gun or hairdryer to add some curving to the temples.

Temples can be switched with the same size glasses by taking out the little screw, imagine a white frame with pink or black temples, just be gentle with them and a new world in designing is opening for you.

Sew a few stitches over the temples to secure them to the head or drill a little hole on the end of the temple to secure them with a few stitches or leave them fully removable.

Custom sizing is optional, at the moment we don't make them smaller.

Since most glasses are custom-made on order we need processing time and postal collection time, please allow us 5/7 days to fulfil your order and also depending on what posting you choose, we send updates, when you need glasses in a hurry, please get in touch with us and we can see what we have in stock or create with more urgency.

Various posting costs will show up when you check out.

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