Nartica Fantasy artist collectors bear

Fantasy artist collectors bears

Do you know that the most Beautiful Pearls do not come from the Ocean?
They come from Nartica who has been seen only once!
She hides out in de deepest of the deepest ocean in Antartica where she is protected by deep fog and raiser sharp icicles so no one can find or get her.
She wears the most beautiful pearls anyone has ever seen around her neck and when temperatures go down so low that no one could survive, those pearls will turn into fluffy balls who Nartica will protect by placing them in a most beautiful collar with magic stars. All the ice would melt if this collar would ever be removed , because they are her baby’s, which won’t happen off course because only I know where she hides and i keep that as a secret to protect this Wonderful creature.
May i Introduce you ***NARTICA***

Nartica is created all by myself and is a fantasy animal with new futures added, flexible antennas with big glass eyes and lashes, claws on her feet and hands, a fluffy wired tail , Swarovski crystals wired thong and many more, she came to life after I made the Plugmonster Mr. Glug, he is a one of a kind creation but he made my mind goggle and I wanted make more and different Monsters but not scary , monster to admire and fun to look at, the little story came to  life with help from my lovely sister .

Nartica wil be available for adoption on “The Great Yorkshire teddybear festival” in Sheffield , Sunday 18 november 2018.

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  1. I cannot find the price of the Nartica bear. I live in S.C. United States so shipping cost is needed also
    Thank you for your beautiful creations

    • Hi Linda Nartica is not for sale yet, she has to go to a teddybear show first in november if she not be sold than she comes available .When intrested please send me a email to