Patchwork applique Teddy bear


Today I would like to share some bears who are made totally different.
Sometimes you get those orders and you don’t know what the customer has in mind or expect to get.

This was one of them and I’m very grateful she gave me the chance to use my own creativity to make those bears. I received 2 plastic bags within each bag 18 little pieces fabric she would love to have on each bear, the pieces were not big enough to get 1 pattern piece out unless its an ear or a pad.

There were a few ways I could realise this for her and then see the bears in mind how they would look with the different technics

After a good chat and explained how I can   see the design she sends me 2 cardigans to use as the main fabric, pattern cut in pieces and stay in symmetric was my goal and I succeeded big with this.

One bear made out of a total of 19 different fabrics with each of them a special memory converted to a beloved bear to cherish forever.

Those bears are more exspansive as the default bears but if you like something diffrent and you have more clothing you would like to use than its worth to consider this design .
They had extra upgrades , the glasses, necklace, bracelett and embroidery.When you would like to order a memorybear made by me than please contact me trough chat or email  for a quote or find me on facebook Start prices can be found in the forms


MemorybearPatchwork teddy bearPatchwork teddy bear

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