3D Printed Dog jaws to use in your creative art work

How beautiful are these 3d printed dog jaws now available in store.

What is a 3D-printed dog jaw and how to use them?

These Jaws are high-quality printed jaws with teeth to use in your artwork, a.e real life looking dogs, or other animals or add them with your bears, or flesh-eating plants etc. It’s your creativity that can bring you far.

We make the teeth you add the artwork.

We won’t add complete tutorials or manuals here since you need to adapt your patterns to use them with the teeth and there are many ways to do this.

You can glue them in place, use the complete set, or use only the upper or bottom jaw or even the tongue.

You can make the teeth shinier with lacquer, nail polish or resin or colour them more naturally or crazy if desired just try things out.

They are made from PLA and are Industrially Compostable
This means under commercial composting conditions PLA plastics will break down within twelve weeks, making it a more environmental choice than traditional plastics which could take centuries to break down into small bits, eventually creating microplastics.

Find the jaws by clicking on the store icon below: