Who makes the best memory and keepsake bears ?

Bearcrafty is number one 🙂 they make the most charming bears!

Obviously, no one can tell you who makes the best bear. It simply comes down to what you look for in your bear and what you consider the best.
Do you want a high-quality bear to sit on your shelf as a memorial place indoors or do you need toys for the kids?
(Just remind none of the bears is tested for safety, it’s not possible and shouldn’t be given to a child to play with)

What is your price range, are you looking for affordable brands or quality that stand out?
Is the bear’s style appealing to you?
Is a unique design something you’d like?

When ordering a memory or keepsake bear, you should consider these factors.
Business owners who want to provide you with the best service have years of experience and work in a legal manner, and crafters who just make bears as they please, often cheaper, but without any protection for customers.

When someone says on Facebook they are fully booked that doesn’t mean they truly are.
It can be that they still have a full-time job and only make 1 bear a week, it can be a mother who can’t spend much time on sewing  because she needs to take care of the kids, we never know for sure the background of anyone.

Do you need to pay upfront?
What are your rights if you really don’t like your bear or you notice it’s badly made, are you losing the clothing and the money you paid upfront?

We only have a few tips for you as a buyer: People please, do your homework before you place an order!

👶🏻A baby clothes bear I remade last year,
the owner wasn’t happy with the original bear, so she asked me to remake it. .

📅A week later I was given another bear made by someone else to remake, this time in memory of a much-loved Grandad.
Sadly the quality of the bear is very poor. .

❤️Please be careful, about who you hand over your precious clothing to, it pays to do your research,  as bears can differ so much in quality and price, . .

🥰 So choose a maker who you are confident is going to fulfil your expectations, within your budget.
Bear in mind If clothing is limited you only get one chance to get it right. .

🧸Unfortunately, I can only do a remake if I’m given other clothes to use as well as the bear. .

😔Sadly sometimes the clothes used are the only clothes left so a second chance is not possible. .

🧸Not all bears are created equal, so please do your research and remember – Usually you get what you pay for and your loved one deserves the best.

We @Bearcrafty value each customer for 100%