Not all monsters are ugly or scary

Bearcrafty monster family

Once and a while I feel the need to create those creatures.

Creatures who grow in my mind and then after weeks they finally see the daylight.
This fur was  perfect to make a new family, I had made one before from this Fabric we named Andromedia
shes made with 3 babies growing on her head, looking out to see if they can spy danger or if its a peaceful world to grow up.







Andromeda would get a normal teddybear as a sister but I felt restless with see her ready as she was, the whispering voice came up  in the night telling me
she wanted to be more special, she wanted to belong to a monster family with her pale pink eyes.
So while that was decided I made her long white claws and gave her little monster babies we named Safiya and Maisha, Mum received the name, Zahara.

My Sister made a cute little story for them and I added it in a little video to create a bit more fantasy, I’m not a video editor and it takes to much time to find and make the pictures and sounds that would fit nice but it works like a miracle when it’s ready.

I hope you enjoy seeing how this little family is born.