Handcrafted Life like dogs

I had a few times the request to make a teddy bear looking like a dog.

Creating a lovely memory of people’s best friends when they pass the Rainbow Bridge is so special, they leave such an emptiness behind, holding a teddy can give so much comfort in those sad moments you miss them dearly.

2 examples of a memory bear dog, Sweet Annabelle a little Maltese Dog  made from curly mohair and a Bernese Mountain dog,
Memory dog Annabelle a Maltese teddy







Then one day I made a little poodle just to try, I’m a massive dog lover myself and with spare times on my hands I thought this was the moment to try.
A little poodle doggy was born and I named him “WOOF”, he was so cute to see and I gave him a lovely hand-knitted Bee sweater, I was melting with the look of him.

This is Woof with his knitted Bee sweater.







After showing him on my page I received requests for other breeds, now I know not all will be as easy but I love to get a challenge once and a while.
I don’t really like to name my creations live like or portraits, I prefer to stay to my own designed puppy style and try to find the perfect fabric for those fur babies and give them a personality with eyes and shading, and I think  I’m addicted now to the dog makes.







The little sitting dogs are variating in size from 10 to 12 inch and I do take some custom orders on them. They can have wired ears and tail depend on the breed.

Then I made a dog fully poseable, 4 jointed legs and wireframe from the head to the tail and a trial of an open mouth with teeth, I admit I was suffering a bit with him but I’m pretty sure more will follow, the way how you can pose and cuddle them  you cant describe and they need time, and time will tell what breeds will follow on “Wolfie”







3 Comments on “Handcrafted Life like dogs

  1. I’ve just lost my little Maltese girl and wondered how you would go about having a little dog made and what the cost would be please.

    Kindest regards


  2. My Little Jack Russell, died last August, I am just enquiring, how you go about recreating a memory doggy? And approximately what the cost would be?