URSA Award winners 2020

This year is a  strange year for all of us with  COVID threats, worrying for our health and those we love.

Teddybear shows got canceled who would usually have an Award contest but I managed to enter one, the show from bears and buds the URSA, and i had 4 winning bears thanks to all my fans who were willing to vote for me and or other magnificent creations.

a forth place was for my creations Dusty Rose, shes a fantastic 27 inch big girl made from a very dense long pile faux fur

Big teddybear







Than  a Thirt place for Woof, Woof was my own favorite i just  fell in love with his face and little Bee cardigan:

Ginger toy poodle







A Fantastic second place was for Elsie the ice skating teddy and the Mohair family Dad&Me.
This means all so much for me  and words can not describe how proud i  am.








This is the publishing on the website: If you like to see all candidates and winners than  you can find them here:
I don’t know how long this link stays active  but the website itself is worth to have a look at: https://www.bearsandbuds.com/index.asp